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A law firm with multiple offices operating independently needed to standardize.

Winston & Strawn LLP has offices in multiple location across the US and internationally. They needed a way to standardize workflows while still giving each location the flexibility to operate fast and effectively.


Few other devices have been used for such a wide variety of purposes.

The device has a touch screen, keypad, stylist, and a barcode scanner. We found that each hardware function was utilized differently across the user types.

Journey Mapping

As a UX Lead working along side a UX Researcher we used a combination of story mapping techniques to elicit the requirements for a system that could service the disparate offices. Through in-person and remote sessions with all levels of employees from paralegals to senior partners gave a broad range of perspectives on the current state.


It didn't take long to see that the different roles had very different perspectives as to how work got done not only within their departments but even what they assumed were the roles and responsibilities of other roles within their office.


Searching For Consensus

Through the process of understanding the variations of the current state was the opportunity for standardization identified. It took the time and effort to understand all perspectives in order to know how to best serve the individual roles as well as the organization as a whole. We ran moderated mapping sessions with small groups based on role. We then compared the outcomes across an office location and then compares office flows with one another looking for where steps and pain points overlapped.


Using card sorting exercises we were able to determine groupings of content that were intuitive across office locations. The groupings had to be scaleable to accommodate the thousands of documents that may be related to a legal matter as well as adapt to the different types of legal matters that may be work on at a given time.


Beyond Just Templates

After looking at the different office location journeys we were able to assign Page Templates, Document Folder Structures, and Workflows based on the different types of legal matters that would be processed by each location.

These “Legal Matter Sites” would consist of page templates that leveraged our component library but would also adapt to the different needs of each office and each type of legal matter.


My Role

Lead UX