Never miss happy a hour again.

It's Cue


Eating our own dog food...

When tasked by a microprocessor manufacturer with creating a better customer experience for inventors who are making consumer electronics and IoT devices we decided to get in their shoes. If we were to understand our customer’s needs we wanted to do more than just talk to them but actually experience the customer journey.

Out of this exercise we created Cue (not yet available).

What is it?

Cue is an event notification system. Event organizers can schedule an event and Cue will light up as the event is beginning.

No shouting or announcements

Cue integrates with Phillips Hue smart bulbs so lighting throughout a venue can change to indicate the event is starting.


If you place Cue at the location you want your event to take place Cue uses Bluetooth® to determine how many attendees are within the proximity and changes lighting so others know that people are starting to gather.

Before Cue

This simple idea was born out of an office tradition of Friday 5pm shots. This event by nature was meant to be optional and fun. However some level of organization was needed. Originally someone (our shot advocate) would have to literally walk around the office letting people know that shots were in 5mins (town crier path). This still left a lot of questions...

How many shots do we pour? Is everyone there yet? Did I miss it?

Therefore we needed a notification system that kept people informed but did not disrupt more critical work tasks.



The prototyping process included researching what products were available. We of course bought our client's development board but also went through the process with competitors. We then attempted to create our product idea and see how Qualcomm’s current service design model supported the end consumer.

We documented the entire experience in a service design blueprint and were able to compare our experiences with other customers and client stakeholders we had interviewed.... We then also took shots.


My Role

Lead UX

Product Design


Agency Mirum Agency