Location Manager


As an oil and gas company what would you like to know about each of your drill sites? What would you like to know about potential sites?

For a long time this was mostly technical information that might only interest analysts, but in the wake of the BP oil spill in 2010 oil and gas companies needed instantaneous information when on how their drill locations were being represented in the media and social outlets.

Content Themes

Auditing the current content needs there were distinct themes that emerged around drill locations and prospective drill locations. Much of this information could be aggregated from reports, monitoring systems, and 3rd party sources. We did an affinity mapping exercise using posit notes and eventually identified themes around which to group content.

Location Profile
Satalite Imagery Analysis
Regional News and Social Sentiment
Environmental Issues
Business Issues
Onshore or Offshore
Productivity Barrales per Day

Remote Sensing Imagery

Satellites used to capture images of drill locations operate similarly to many other queues. Users were able to submit requests for remote sensing imagery such as Topographic, 6 Band Hyper, or Hyperspectral and the next time the satellite based over the region their images would be captured.


Image Comparison

Looking at how these images changed over time would allow for deeper analysis on environmental changes over time. This could be used to monitor current drill sites or prospective sites.


My Role

Lead UX